What is this about?

It's about encouraging some of the world's richest people to give back, by pledging to donate the majority of their wealth to charity in their wills. 

Who can make the promise?

Although we recognize givers of all financial means, the Give Back Promise is specifically for the world's millionaires and multi-millionaires. The promise is for those individuals that want to use their wealth to change the world, not let it lay stagnant in a bank account.

How does this work?

Each person (or family) who makes the promise will make their promise public, along with a statement explaining their decision to make the promise. The promisor's statements will be displayed on the website.

Do you discourage giving wealth to family members?

No, not at all. All of our families will be well taken care of in our wills. They will receive a portion of our wealth, just not all of it. We don't believe in dynastic wealth, having seen the consequences that large sums of unearned wealth can have on families. We subscribe to the philosophy of giving our families enough of our wealth so that they can do anything, but not so much that they can do nothing. 

Do you do fundraising? 

No, we are focused on encouraging the act of intentional giving. We don't raise or solicit funds for any organization.

Are you affiliated with any specific charities? 

No, we believe that the choice of which philanthropies will receive your wealth is entirely a personal decision.

Why a promise? 

We believe that charitable causes and philanthropy as a whole, benefit from the world's wealthiest individuals making their giving intentions known. Our hope is that it will inspire others to give back and also increase conversations and actions around philanthropy.

But shouldn't giving be done anonymously?

Although there's nothing inherently wrong with giving anonymously, we believe intentional giving starts conversations and inspires others to give. We encourage open discussion about giving. So much of philanthropy happens behind closed doors, which we believe makes it difficult to learn from others' experiences. 

Do those making the promise sign a contract? 

No, the Give Back Promise is not a legal obligation, rather it's a moral obligation. We just provide a platform for making your intentions known. 

What else does the Give Bank Promise do?

At events throughout the year and via articles and educational materials on the site, we promote the sharing of ideas and to learn from each other.

How do I get more information?

Click on the Contact Us link in the top menu, fill out the form and someone from our group will be in contact with you.



Frequently Asked Questions